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What is Human Development and Why Should We Learn About It?

What is Human Development and Why Should We Learn About It?

In 1990 the first Human Development Report introduced a new approach for advancing human wellbeing. Human development – or the human development approach – is about expanding the richness of human life, rather than simply the richness of the economy in which human beings live. It is an approach that is focused on people and their opportunities and choices.

Human Development Learning

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The human development approach is relevant to countries at all stages of development. Learning about it can help understand the social, environmental and economic challenges faced by a society and the actions needed to address them.

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  1. Thank you for your comment CharleyS, it’s very good to know that someone is reading.

  2. Great Idea… I’ve been pioneering with Human Development Teaching in Kosovo. In case you need Human Development Lecturers with more than seven years of professional experience with Human Development Reporting- and Teaching, kindly let me know! I’m currently working on a Human Development Curriculum for the University of Pristina.

    Kind regards,
    PhD Denis Nushi

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