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Academic and other associations in related fields

The Human Development & Capability Association gathered the names of academics and associations working on human development on a list, you can access it by clicking on the link below: Web links   Photo: Human Development & Capability Association

Haq, Sen and Nussbaum Lecture Series

Click on the link and access three very interesting lecture series on human development on the website of the Human Development & Capability Association: Haq, Sen and Nussbaum Lecture Series   Photo: Human Development & Capability Association


Explore this online mapping on a broad range of issues essential for the well-being of New Yorkers created by Measure of America: https://data2go.nyc/map/?id=107*36047015900*ahdi_puma!undefined!ns*!other_pop_cd_506~ahdi_puma_1~sch_enrol_cd_112~age_pyramid_male_85_plus_cd_20~median_household_income_puma_397~median_personal_earnings_puma_400~dis_y_perc_puma_102~poverty_ceo_cd_417~unemployment_cd_408~pre_k_cd_107!*air_qual_cd~ahdi_puma*family_homeless_cd_245#10/40.8273/-73.9586 Photo: DATA2GO.NYC

Introductory reading list

This introductory reading list by the Human Development & Capability Association provides a good overview of the human development approach: Introductory reading list Photo: Human Development & Capability Association

The Well-O-Meter™

You want to measure your own Human Development Level? Use Well-O-Meter and click on the link below to begin: The Well-O-Meter™

Atlas of Human Development in Brazil

Explore human development in Brazil with this atlas. You can also create your own maps and charts! Click on the link below to begin: http://www.atlasbrasil.org.br/2013/en/   Photo: Atlas of Human development in Brazil

Robert F. Kennedy challenges Gross Domestic Product

Watch this video and learn more about how Robert F. Kennedy already challenged the measurement of human progress 50 years ago:

Leading our children to a safer Internet, from preschool to high school

Have a look at this very interesting article by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime  and learn more about how internet can be made safer for children: https://www.unodc.org/dohadeclaration/en/news/2018/02/leading-our-children-to-a-safer-internet–from-preschool-to-high-school.html

The Pursuit of Happiness: paying greater attention to Mental Health

Sunday marks the United Nations’ 5th International Day of Happiness. Few people are against the pursuit of happiness, but many argue that governments – and international organisations for that matter – have no business in setting happiness as a public policy goal. And yet leaders around the world, from France to Japan, Italy to Qatar, are increasingly paying attention to it. Bhutan has long advocated for the use of a Gross National Happiness Index to provide a fuller assessment of national development progress than what is captured by Gross Domestic Product (GDP), while the US Surgeon General sees happiness as a part of the country’s public health agenda.   Economists and statisticians recognise that measuring happiness – or subjective wellbeing as it’s more accurately called – ...

Are women holding up Chinese and African skies?

In 1968, Chairman Mao might have proclaimed that women hold up half the sky, but it remains a sad fact that the majority of top African and Chinese politicians are still men. This is also the case for CEOs of state-owned and other large Chinese and African businesses. No woman has been president of any African country since Ellen Johnson Sirleaf stepped down last year, and in a recent study by the World Economic Forum (WEF), China was ranked 77th out of 144 countries in terms of female political representation, and 86th for economic participation and opportunity. Only eight sub-Saharan African countries featured overall in the top 50 of the same index. When I attended the Forum on China Africa Cooperation (FOCAC) in 2015, which has been running since 2000 and tends to be a very government-...

Disability and Vulnerability

The Human Development Report Office was fortunate to have #StephenHawking contribute to the #HumanDevelopment Report in 2014 with the message “disability need not be an obstacle to success.” Read his special contribution below: As a theoretical physicist I understand very well the concept of vulnerability: there is little in the cosmos that is not susceptible to harm. Even the very universe itself may someday come to an end. Humanity has always been vulnerable to different challenges. And there can be no doubt that great scientific discoveries—from penicillin to the periodic table, from evolution to electricity—have helped us to understand our world, reduce our vulnerability, and build more resilient societies. But, despite great and varied progress, vulnerable people and vulnerable groups...

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